5 Ways on How to Digital Break

Gadget addiction or Digital Addiction becomes rampant nowadays. People and even kids of young ages get too attached to their mobile phones even though they are with friends everyone's focus and attention are on their cellphone instead of interacting with their friends physically.

Before we begin talking on what are ways how to combat digital addiction. Let's tackle first what are the common sign and symptoms of digital addiction.

Common Signs of Digital Addiction

  • Decrease physical interaction 
  • More time in Using Gadget
  • No sense of Time
  • Agitation
  • Avoiding doing Work
  • Isolation
  • The euphoric feeling when using gadgets

What is Digital Detox or Digital Break?

 Digital Detox is one of the best solutions to the rapid rise and worldwide addiction to technology especially in using mobile devices. The main goal is to reduce the usage of gadgets and other electronic devices that eats much of your precious time. 

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How can we lessen Digital Addiction?

The effects of digital addiction vary from person to person but let us itemize some of them. These signs and symptoms are common to people with digital addiction.

  •  Loss of sleep 
  • Affects personal hygiene 
  • Inability to focus on things other than an electronic device
  • Withdraw from interacting with people
  • Internet Dependence

There are several ways how to lessen our digital addiction. It's quite annoying to see someone you're talking to and their attention is on their mobile phone.  Preventing this from happening will help you improve your interaction with friends.

1. Sleep at the Right Time

Avoid binge-watching your favorite series on Netflix and other streaming services. Especially at night never start watching any series because it will tend you to crave more to finish the series and resulting in sleeping late at night. If this becomes habitual it will be bad for your health because lack of sleep might affect your performance in the morning. 


Some of us might be pressured to watch series in order to keep updated to chitchat with our officemates or friends. But remember that sleep is better than having eyebags that can ruin your beauty.

2. Exercise Regularly

Having a routine exercise will help you to easily fall asleep at night. Preventing you from too much usage of your mobile device.  Aside from that, exercise is a good way to reduce the stress that in the long run helps your body and mind to be healthier. 


A simple exercise like running or even brisk walking helps your mind and body to become healthier and reduce health problems that might arise in the future.

3. Read Books

It is much as possible read a printed book rather than ebooks. We all know the benefits of reading because it improves knowledge.  Instead of wasting your precious time on social media toxicity and fake news that becomes rampant when you use social media on your smartphones.  Feed your brain with knowledge and information that can aid you in life.

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Reading books widens your knowledge and perspective in life. There are many public libraries that you can visit to explore books that might spark interest.

4. Have a Hobbies

There are plenty of hobbies that you can explore like, walking, biking, hiking, and drawing. Do you know that our brains tend to get bored when we are doing nothing? That is why we tend to check our phones every minute because of boredom.

If you have a hobby other than scrolling on social media it will help you to digital detoxification. If you have no hobbies right now learn a new one you might not know that you will excel in something if you don't start exploring new things.


5. Take a Break

When interacting with friends or your loved ones put away your cellphone. Put them into vibrating mode, and put notifications on important matters only. Doing this will help your mind to at least focus on the important, not on any low-level distractions.

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Enjoy the moment that you are with your friends. The time will come that all of you will have your own family, and change priorities and this limits the time that you can bond with each other. So cherish the moment and refrain from looking into your mobile phone. 

In summary

Technology brings us closer together to our loved ones even if our distance is half the world away.  The invention of the internet and mobile phones help us to communicate with our loved ones. But excessive use of these gadgets can also cause us to take away our time with our loved ones due to too much addiction and giving too much attention to our gadgets instead of interacting with them. Too much on everything is not good, we should know the right balance to have a happy and healthy life.   

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