Remote Work Starter Pack for Filipino Digital Nomads

 Freelancing is one way of earning money, typically it is a remote job, all you need is a laptop and an internet connection. The type of work that can be performed remotely is typically digital work in nature. 

Some say remote work will be the future of work. In other countries, people who work while traveling are called Digital Nomads and there is a growing community on Social media that support this type of living. Digital nomads typically work in places where the internet is better and more stable it can be domestic or abroad.

If you are planning to become a Digital Nomad and love to see other places while working you need some checklist of items to begin your path to remote work. Becoming a remote worker requires several things in order to fulfill your job. Here at Shoppiverse PH, we collated what should be the starter pack for Filipino Digital Nomads who perform remote jobs.

1. Backpack

backpack with items outside

The first thing on the list is, of course, a backpack, a good backpack must be comfortable but able to carry a lot of weight therefore it must have a lot of compartments in order to fit not just the clothes but all the gadgets that are necessary to work remotely. Another feature of a good backpack for travel is it must have a security lock that can provide security to your important valuables while traveling.  

2. Laptop


Laptops are good for mobility and portability. Digital Nomad is constantly on the move so it is necessary to have a lightweight computer that you can bring anywhere.  A laptop should be light but powerful enough to run applications that are necessary to complete any jobs. The laptop must have better bags or carrying cases so that it will be protected against bumps and shocks while traveling.

3. Wifi  Mobile Prepaid Internet

mobile internet

There are times that you might encouter signal loss in your location but it must not interfere with or contribute to your downtime. In the event that your DSL line or Fiber Optic loses connectivity, prepaid internet will save you from not doing your work. The device can be bought from the different network service providers and can save you from losing your internet connection when working remotely.

4. Planner 


You cannot measure your progress if you don't take note of even the small things daily. Having a planner makes you organize and track everything while you are on the move. When buying a planner see to it that it has all the features that will help you to be reminded of the important task to do. 

5. Vacuum Flask

vacuum flask

Nothing beats the idea that you have a container that can maintain the temperature of the liquid for a long period of time. Having a vacuum flask lets you enjoy hot coffee or cold juice while working remotely. So get yourself one to stay hydrated while working remotely.

In summary:

Saving yourself from daily commutes and traffic while earning a living or simply traveling while working is the new way of working. Thanks to the internet working remotely becomes possible. People gain the freedom to work anywhere they want as long as there is an internet connection and they have a computer. 

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