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We are a small team of tech-driven individuals based in the Philippines with 15 years of combined experience. We specialized in web development, graphic design, digital marketing, and cyber security. With the rise of E-Commerce in the Philippines and the rampant cyber fraud victimizing people that have no prior knowledge of buying online safely, we decided to build this website  Shoppiverse PH, and launched our presence on social media via our Facebook Page. In order to help Filipino people to buy from a legitimate seller.  

Our mission is to give a  good recommendation of various items with good quality and affordability you can find in the online marketplace in the Philippines. We make an updated list of things that you can buy in Shopee and Lazada. This list of items you can buy in Lazada and Shopee is carefully and meticulously crafted in order for you to save time in browsing a long list of items on their website.

Shopee finds, best shopee finds, shopee budol finds you name it, and let our team do the research to give you whatever you need. There are lots of items you can buy online like home accessories, furniture, laundry appliance.

Shoppiverse PH, contains articles that will help you in your daily life. We publish articles like how to travel light during your vacation, the importance of using renewable energy in your homes, how to choose a washing machine, and much more life hacks that you can use in your daily life. 

With the cost of utility bills keep on rising we will give you tips and ideas on how to reduce your electricity and water bill.  

And our vision is to be the number 1 authority when it comes to recommending products to buy online.