Top 10 Best Equipment to Rehabilitate Stroke Patient

 Stroke is one of the most debilitating disabilities that can happen to anyone. There are so many factors that can be attributed to why this happens. High Blood pressure is one of the most common factors that can lead to stroke. There are different types of stroke but each of them can cause disability ranging from motor skills that affect movement to speech impairment.

If you have a relative that suffer a stroke recently you can support them by giving them some stroke rehabilitation equipment that can help them to regain strength and able them to move once again.

Here at Shoppiverse PH, we collated the top 10 best pieces of equipment that can help stroke patients to strengthen their weak muscles and to regain their confidence in walking again.


Table of Contents

  1. Bike-Trainer Pedal Exerciser
  2. Fingerboard Rehab Equipment
  3. Ring Pulley
  4. Adjustable Night Splints
  5. Grip Strength Ball
  6. Electronic Nerve Stimulator
  7. Stroke Hand Equipment Finger Rehab
  8. Support Transfer Belt for Rehabilitation Walk
  9. Separate Finger Board Rehabilitation
  10. Adjustable Pair Set Leg Ankle Wrist Iron Sand Bag

1. Bike-Trainer Pedal Exerciser

bike pedal exercise

Product Description:
The Bike Trainer pedal is one of the most popular exercises for stroke patients. Since legs are commonly affected. It is important to stretch the leg muscle to get back the necessary mobility. Bike trainers are the perfect alternate exercise if walking outside is not possible during bad weather or the rainy season.

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2.Fingerboard Rehab Equipment

Fingerboard Rehab Equipment

Product Description:
Spasticity is common for people who suffered a stroke every movement is accompanied by stiff muscles and a stiff gait when walking making standing and other simple movements such as closing and opening fingers difficult.

Stroke patients have difficulty of opening and closing their hands due to severe spasticity. This happens because the connection between the brain and muscles becomes severed when the stroke happens.

One of the rehab equipment that can be used is a fingerboard. This helps to straighten the fingers to train the muscle to relax. A fingerboard that can be slung to the shoulder is helpful during the time when stroke patients is on the move.

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3. Ring Pulley

Ring Pulley

Product Description:
Arms weaken over time for people with strokes. They suffer what is called muscle atrophy, in this case, the muscle shrink because of inactivity due to losing control and movement.  

Ring pulleys help to strengthen the muscle and regrow it back. This is because of the tension and force by the up and downward movement when using the pulley.

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4. Adjustable Night Splints

Adjustable Night Splints

Product Description:
Foot drops are common for people who recently suffered a stroke. This happens because of the interruptions in the common fibular and sciatic nerves and can also be aggravated by the paralysis of the font muscle of the lower leg. 

Always remember that when a stroke happens control of the brain to the muscle becomes a problem. A device like a splint helps to aid to prevent foot drop and helps the patient to properly walk again.

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5. Grip Strength Ball

Grip Strength Ball

Product Description:
Finger and hand muscles must also strengthen when a stroke happens to anyone. According to a study of stroke victims, hand movement including opening and closing of it becomes more difficult to regain compared to the other parts of the body.  That's the reason why it is important to have equipment that will help to exercise the affected hand to get back control. 

There is wide equipment that can use to strengthen and exercise the hand muscle. Grip strength ball with different varieties is a simple yet effective way to do it.

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6. Electronic Nerve Stimulator

Electronic Nerve Stimulator

Product Description:
Nerves in the brain that are responsible for muscle control often die during stroke resulting in the affected part of the body being paralyzed. Nerves in the brain that dies do not regenerate and as a result, the one responsible for controlling the muscle becomes missing.

One of the miracles that happen to stroke victims is the ability of the other nerves of the brain to take over the responsibility of the nerves that died during the stroke. Equipment that can help to stimulate the nerves helps to speed up the recovery of stroke patients.

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7. Stroke Hand Equipment Finger Rehab

Stroke Hand Equipment Finger Rehab

Product Description:
Robotic hand equipment is like having a personal therapist. The purpose of this equipment is to train the hands of stroke victims in a different range of motions.  They are battery-operated and has different mode controlled by a different set of buttons.

Compared to other equipment this is a little bit pricier but more affordable if you can buy it second hand.

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8. Support Transfer Belt for Rehabilitation Walk

Support Transfer Belt for Rehabilitation Walk

Product Description:
Movement is the most commonly affected thing in stroke patients the one. During the first few weeks, the patient who suffers a stroke has difficulty in transferring and sitting down. Patients are often accompanied or assisted when doing this simple thing. 

One of the simple pieces of equipment that you must have during this time period is a support transfer belt. This belt makes it easier for you to lift and assist them in transferring to other locations.

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9. Separate Finger Board Rehabilitation

Separate Finger Board Rehabilitation

Product Description:
When the patient is sleeping or not in motion fingers commonly tend to close on their own. This is due to spasticity not addressing this for a very long time can affect the hand muscle making them more difficult to open. and control.

A fingerboard that separates fingers is a great help to train the brain of the stroke patient to keep their hands open. This type of equipment is made from different materials but all of them have the same function.

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10. Adjustable Pair Set Leg Ankle Wrist Iron Sand Bag

Adjustable Pair Set Leg Ankle Wrist Iron Sand Bag

Product Description:
Weights in form of sandbags coupled with velcro are one of the most basic pieces of equipment that a stroke patient must have. They are affordable and easy to purchase in sports stores or even online.

Adding weights to arms and legs during simple exercises boost the strength of muscle on the part of the body. They come in different scales of kilos so over time when you feel that it's easier to use weight better change it into a heavier one.

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In summary

Stroke patients need to work on their recovery by constantly doing exercises that can help theme regain control of their muscles by using some equipment that can strengthen their muscles it can help them to speed up the recovery. 

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