Top 10 Flowers to Buy for Our Departed Loved Ones

 When we lose a loved one, finding ways to express our feelings of love, respect, and remembrance can be comforting and healing. One of the most cherished and timeless ways to pay tribute to the departed is by offering flowers. The choice of flowers can convey specific emotions and sentiments. 

Here at Shoppiverse PH, we'll explore the top 10 flowers to buy for our departed loved ones, each with its own symbolic meaning and significance.

1. Roses: Symbol of Love and Respect

The universal language of roses, their significance and the tradition of presenting them varies around the world, yet their power to express love and respect is a common thread across diverse cultures and societies. Red roses, with their profound symbolism, represent deep love and unwavering devotion. In contrast, the pristine white petals of the white rose express purity and extreme reverence.

When combined, red and white roses present a comprehensive tribute, a true embodiment that captures love, devotion, purity, and reverence all at once - a meaningful way to honor those who have departed. Yet, it's crucial to remember that these entwined meanings are merely suggested interpretations. The most fundamental essence lies in the genuine sentiment behind the gesture, for they serve as poignant reminders of heartfelt emotions.

 It's also worth noting that roses are not the only flowers that carry such significant meaning. In fact, they are part of a top 10 list of flowers often chosen to express such sentiments. This subtly opens the door for other potential choices, providing the reader with a selection of floral options, each imbued with its unique symbolism.

2. Lilies: Representing Restored Innocence

Lilies have long been a symbol of restored innocence in many cultures. Their historical significance cannot be understated. Various civilizations such as the Greeks and Egyptians cherished lilies and often included them in their funeral rituals. There are countless stories echoing the sentiment of lilies symbolizing a return to a state of purity and absolution, making them a poignant choice for funeral flowers.

For instance, during ancient times, it was common to place a lily in the hand of the departed as a symbol of the 'restored innocence of their souls.' This practice reinforced the belief that despite one's actions in life, death offered a chance for redemption and purity.

Also in modern times, lilies serve a significant purpose. They are often chosen to honor a loved one who overcame life's hurdles and made notable positive transformations. This could include individuals who devoted their lives to service, left harmful situations or habits, or made significant contributions to society. In such cases, their journey is a testament to the resilience of the human will to seek purity and innocence, and what better way to epitomize this transformation than with lilies?

Hence, when considering a befitting tribute to a loved one who has passed on, lilies remain a thoughtful, symbolic, and heartfelt choice. This simple, elegant flower can encapsulate a myriad of stories and emotions, making it a perfect visual representation of the restored innocence of a soul.

3. Chrysanthemums: A Global Symbol of Honor

Chrysanthemums are more than just visually striking flowers; they hold profound significance for expressing respect and remembrance for those who have passed on. This complex symbolism possesses deep historical and cultural roots worth understanding. In the grand tapestry of symbolism, the chrysanthemum stands as a respectful homage to those no longer with us. Much lies beneath the flower's velvety petals and vibrant hue, a deeper meaning carrying with it a silent, powerful message: to honor the departed.

No appreciation of the chrysanthemum can be complete without delving into its history. With ancient traditions vouching for its emotional extension, this flower has been used across cultures to express sentiments that mere words often fail to convey. An exploration of its symbolic underpinnings reveals a life-affirming tribute remembered through silent petals.

Chrysanthemums can be chosen and arranged in several ways, each adding to the mindful expression of respect. They transmit thoughtful messages when aligned with care and taste. Being aware of how and when to use chrysanthemums helps imbue one's tribute with more personal and heartfelt sentiments.

Our expression of feelings in the intricate language of flowers must be fine-tuned. Selecting the chrysanthemum to express one's feelings is a timeless tradition that continues to touch lives globally. By understanding the chrysanthemum's rich cultural significance, our floral tributes become a loving symbol of the departed cherished memory. So, in choosing a chrysanthemum, we emulate ancient traditions and customs, honoring the departed in a globally recognized floral remembrance.

4. Carnations: Pure Love and Innocence

When we remember our cherished loved ones, we often associate Carnations with Pure Love and Innocence. Their distinctive aroma and soft blossoms remind us of the unfettered love and purity in the relationships we shared. Perfect for symbolizing the deep respect and adoration we strive to communicate in their memory, Carnations offer a heartfelt tribute to a loved one's innocent love. 

5. Orchids: Elegance and Love

Orchids, with their ethereal and delicate beauty, paint a picture of passion, strength and elegance. Boasting an exotic charm, these flowers are a testament to a love as enduring and fierce as it is fetching and captivating. When given in memory of someone we've lost, orchids become a poignant tribute to the unflinching love we bear for them. They echo the resilience and attractiveness we admired in their life, encapsulating our everlasting affection.

In memory of those dearly departed, orchids serve as an elegant medium for expressing our enduring love, admiration, and the strength of their impact on our lives. Their delicate and exquisite beauty symbolizes the fine memories we fondly hold for our loved ones who are no longer with us, radiating a powerful tribute. Orchids are not just flowers; they are sentimental reminders of the deep respect and seam of affection we share for those who have passed away.

6. Gladioli: Strength of Character

With its dramatic presence and vibrance, the gladiolus flower has long been a symbol of enduring strength and unwavering moral compunction. What's truly fascinating about these bursts of color, often adorning gravesites and homes alike, is the inherent strength of character they suggest.

One might ask, how does a flower come to symbolize something as intangible and profound as personal fortitude? The answer lies not only in the flower's hardy nature but also its historical and cultural significance. With firm roots in the ancient Roman Empire, gladioli were considered a sign of respect, often presented to honorable matadors after impressive bullfights. This tradition of using gladioli as a sign of appreciation and respect for the heroic and the brave travels through time to reach our present understanding of the flower.

When we offer this flower in remembrance of a loved one, we aren't just acknowledging their life that was but expressing our respect and honor towards the strength and conviction they displayed. Their strength of character mirrored in every petal, each gladioli we lay down is a testament to their life and our memories of them.

I remember, as a young child, watching my grandmother meticulously arrange these flowers around the pictures of her dearly departed. "Strength," she would whisper, her fingers brushing against each petal, "is what they left behind." And although I was too young to understand then, I realize now the invaluable lesson she intended to impart.

Gladioli: more than just a flower, but a universal symbol of strength, honor, and the unforgettable legacy left by those we have loved and lost.

7. Tulips: Forgiveness and Respect

The white tulip is a versatile symbol, embodying values of forgiveness and respect. Its pure color significantly contributes to these meanings. These flowers are particularly appropriate when expressing heartfelt sentiments towards someone who has passed away. 

White tulips can be an optimal choice in various ceremonies or floral arrangements that are meant to honor the departed. Their graceful simplicity adds to the purity of the sentiments they represent. This makes them a thoughtful choice when remembering and honoring our loved ones no longer with us.

8. Daisies: Innocence and Purity

Daisies are the embodiment of innocence and purity, features that resonate strongly in the memories of ones we've lost. They stand as a heartfelt testament to a cherished individual whose purity and innocence significantly impacted our lives. The mere sight of these simple yet strikingly beautiful flowers brings a sense of solace during moments of mourning, stirring up precious, pure-hearted memories associated with a dearly missed loved one.

9. Forget-Me-Nots: A Promise of Remembrance

Forget-me-nots, as the very name implies, denote the act of remembrance. Presenting someone with these delicate blooms implies a thoughtful sentiment of unforgettable love and remembrance. Let's delve a bit deeper into the profound significance of these flowers. Not only are they whimsically beautiful, their symbolism extends far beyond their name, rooted deep in history and folklore.

The poignant stories and legends that accompany forget-me-nots are a testament to their role in paying tribute to departed loved ones. For instance, one such story traces back to medieval times, making them a flower with rich historical significance. This arguably makes them a preferred choice amongst many when honoring their loved ones - a symbolic gesture of saying you're forever etched in our memories, never to be forgotten.

The unique characteristics of the forget-me-not further contribute to its thoughtful selection during such profound moments. Their delightful shade of blue embodies tranquility and peace, bringing solace and consolation during times of loss.

In the grand scheme of the theme of this article, the forget-me-nots link back to the deep emotional ties of love, respect, and eternal remembrance we extend to our departed loved ones. These beautiful blooms stand as a tribute, manifesting our heartfelt feelings of appreciation, respect, and undying remembrance.

10. Sunflowers: Adoration and Loyalty

Emblematic of deep affection and unwavering devotion, sunflowers speak a language of love that transcends time and space. Emanating a vibrant hue of yellow, the grandeur of these blooms echo the depths of our feelings towards those we hold dear who have passed on. Standing tall and resolute, they remind us of a love that continues to stand strong, just like the sunflowers in the field. 

Choosing to commemorate a loved one with sunflowers is a heartwarming pledge of your undying affection and commitment to their memory. As we delve into the essence of these magnificent blossoms, we find a perfect correlation to the profound and unique bond you were lucky enough to share with your departed loved one.

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Selecting the right flowers to honor your departed loved ones is a deeply personal and meaningful gesture. It allows you to express your emotions and convey your love, respect, and remembrance. When choosing among these top 10 flowers, consider the preferences of your loved one and any cultural or religious significance attached to specific blooms. 

Ultimately, what matters most is the love and respect with which you offer these flowers to pay tribute to the memory of the departed. Flowers not only provide solace but also serve as a lasting symbol of the love that endures.


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