The Best Reason to Avail Laundry Service

 Being a mom is a full-time job. It requires a lot of patience, energy, love, and caring. Washing the family laundry is just one of the many tasks when managing your home. And if you are a full-time housewife washing clothes is no easy feat, especially if you have small children that are super makulit who plays too much and have always super dirty clothes at the end of each day.

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What is a laundry service?

The laundry service consists of washing, dry cleaning, and ironing your clothes. In the Philippines, there are many laundry shops within the community that offer laundry services. The process goes like this, some laundry shops offer free pick up for your dirty clothes and delivery service of your clothes.

What are the three types of laundry services in the Philippines?

  • Full Service  - In Full-Service laundry you don't need to do anything, just call the laundry shop and ask them to pick up your dirty clothes at your house or apartment. Get ready your dirty clothes, and after a few minutes, they will appear at your doorstep. 

If the laundry shop does not have a pick-up service you can drop your dirty clothes at them. The laundry staff will weigh your clothes and charge you based on the service rate multiplied by the number of kilos. Then afterward, you will be given a date when to claim your clean clothes. It typically lasts 2 to  3 days. Depending on the volume or peak season and the laundry shop has many laundries on queue. 

There are two ways you can claim your laundry its either it will be delivered to your house or you will pick up your clean clothes in the laundry shop.

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  • Self Service - This type of laundry service involves washing your clothes with you operating the washing machine and dryer yourself. There is a front desk staff that will assist you in weighing your clothes and then provide the right amount of liquid detergent and fabric conditioner.  But you will be in charge of loading the dirty clothes into the machine. Each load takes about 1 hour to complete from washing until drying so the good thing about using this type of laundry service is that you can get your clean clothes afterward.
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  • Industrial Laundry Service - This type of laundry service caters to big businesses like hospitals, hotels, and restaurants. This type of laundry service has a bigger capacity when it comes to cleaning laundry. They have bigger machines and proper training when handling clothes specially from the hospital.  

When to avail laundry service?

If you are a young professional and busy working from Monday to Friday. Availing laundry service will be a great help. Spending a little amount of money on laundry service so that you can enjoy your weekend off while watching your favorite Korean Drama or travel out of town with your friends.

Most of the people who avail of laundry services prefer time saved over the money saved. So if you are one of them then availing laundry service is just for you.

Another good reason why you need to avail laundry service is if you have no area to wash your clothes. If you are a bed spacer or renting a small room in Metro Manila chances are you do not have facilities to wash your clothes and the only option is to bring them to laundry shops.

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What is the advantage of availing laundry service?

Laundry service saves you time especially if you avail of the full-service laundry. If you are working an extra job or side hustle on weekends there is an obvious advantage of availing this service.

Another advantage would be your clothes will be taken care of by laundry experts. If you have constantly had a headache on how to remove stains on your clothes. Well, I guess this will be taken care of and this will save you a lot of trouble.

Last but not least advantage would be your clothes will smell a lot better than washing them yourself. This is because they are using commercial-grade fabric conditioners. The scent tends to last even after you used your clothes in the afternoon. And this is proven by myself, my co-worker even told me what perfume I used.   

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What are the most common laundry services?

  • Wash Dry and Fold - Wash Dry and Fold involves washing the clothes, drying them, folding them in, and going back to the customer ready for storing in shelves or cabinets.
  • Ironing  - If you are not good at ironing clothes you can avail this type of service in a laundry shop. Yes, you heard it right full-service type laundry has pressing of clothes service being offered to its client.
  • Dry Cleaning - If you have Barong and Stuff that is prone to damage when undergoing the normal process of laundry. You should choose a dry cleaning service to clean your precious clothes. 
  • Special Wash (Hand Washing) - As the name implies this laundry type of service involves cleaning clothes not using a washing machine. Cleaning of clothes using traditional methods like washing clothes by hand. 

Full-Service type laundry shops offer the most number of services. And this is not available in the self-service laundry.

In summary:

Laundry service in the Philippines is a good way to save time while doing things that are more important to us. Whether it is to enjoy your weekends or to work extra side hustle. With a little amount of money, you can unload yourself from this task.

But before you avail of laundry services whether it's self-service or full service makes due diligence in searching and choosing the better laundry service provider that you can trust. We want our clothes to be taken care of because it symbolizes who we are and some of them might have sentimental value to us.



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