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Humans are naturally covered with hair in some areas of our bodies although genes and race may play roles in how plenty of hair can grow in our bodies.  Being conscious and some health concerns women opted to remove unwanted hairs in their bodies.  

There are several ways how to remove unwanted hairs some are through shaving, some are trimming and some are using hair removal cream.  But did you know that there is a procedure called waxing to remove your hair?

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Why do women want to remove unwanted hair?

Each one of us is born differently when it comes to hair. Some are born with perfectly less hair than others. This can be attributed to our genetic traits if your parents have plenty of hair on their arms or legs there is a high probability that you will inherit the same characteristic. This is the basic lesson we learned in our Biology class during high school.  

Women typically have problems addressing unwanted hair in areas that are exposed,  As a quick remedy, some tend to use razors and scissors to trim or remove the unwanted hair.  Other women also use the famous tweezers to remove hair. Although this method is effective to kill time when you are bored. This way of removing hair is a hit-and-miss technique,  because sometimes instead of the hair getting pulled out the skin got hit, and as a result, the skin becomes red and irritated.  


The most common reason that you can relate to is why women want to reduce or completely remove the hair in unwanted areas.

  • If you have quite a lot of hair on your leg area and it becomes difficult for you to wear mini skirts or shorts because you become conscious of what people might comment. 
  • If you have hair problems in your armpit and you want to feel fresh and avoid perspiration to ruin your outfit. 
  • You want to wear sleeveless and put your arms in the air without being conscious of people around you

Actually, the reasons are endless you might want to add your reason in the comment box and I am certain that it will become very long.

But thanks to the one who invented the Waxing Salon your unwanted hair will come to an end. Yes, you read it right, There are hair removal salon in the Philippines already, and mind you it is not concentrated in the Metro Manila area only unlike before waxing salons can be found only abroad. If you asking yourself if there are waxing salons "near me" you can use google maps to find the nearest waxing salon in your area. 

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What are the benefits of waxing?

Hair removal using wax makes the skin smoother and lighter as compared to shaving and plucking. It also makes the succeeding hair growth softer and avoids ingrown hair. There are two types of waxing cold wax and hot wax as the name implies hot wax is applied by using hot wax into the area in which the hair will be removed. While cold wax does not use preheating wax before its application to the area. 

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What are the common services that waxing salons offer?

Waxing salons typically have different waxing services offered according to client needs. And below are some of the most common.

  • Full Body Waxing
  • Half Body Waxing
  • Full Leg Waxing
  • Half Leg Waxing 
  • Bikini Area Waxing
  • Brazillian Waxing
  • Eye Brow Threading

To find more information on the waxing salon services you choose can visit their official website, social media pages, or mobile application.

waxing procedure

How is waxing done in a salon?

If it is your first time going into a waxing salon make sure to wear loose and comfortable clothes. Before you proceed to their waxing areas the front desk usually assesses if the hair length is just right for the waxing procedure. There are two types of wax used in a waxing salon cold wax and hot wax. Depending on what type of wax to use the process will be different.

Are you looking for a waxing salon that is around Metro Manila? 

Here at Shoppiverse PH, we will discuss which is the best waxing salon you should visit in Metro Manila. There is a wide list of the best waxing salons in Metro Manila over the internet but there is no list of the best waxing salons in terms of the number of branches. We prepared the list based on the number of branches available in the Metro Manila area.

Waxing Salon you can find in Metro Manila in terms of number of Branches  

  1. Lay Bare Waxing Salon - They currently have 130+  branches all over the Philippines. When it comes to waxing prices this waxing salon among the other salon are the most affordable you can find in the market here in the Philippines. Although Lay Bare is not an exclusive waxing salon for men they have waxing services tailored for male clients.
  2. Hey Sugar - Has 23 branches in Metro Manila and 21 branches in the province.
  3. Bare Naked - They have 20 branches all over  Metro Manila and if you are in the province they have 4 Provincial Branches
  4. Pink Parlour - 15 branches all over Metro Manila
  5. Belle La Peu - 15 branches all over the Philippines
  6. Strip Manila - 4 Branches in Metro Manila most of them are situated in busy cities like Makati and Taguig area. If you are planning to visit abroad these waxing salon has branches in South East Asian countries.

When it comes to pricing we collated the data of each waxing salon based on their waxing services.

What is the price list of waxing services in the Lay Bare Waxing Salon?

Here's the lay bare waxing salon price based on their website.

Lay Bare Waxing Salon
ServicesWomen's PriceMen's Price
Butt Cheeks250450
Eyebrow Threading130130
Full Body1,9002,500
Full Legs600650
Half Legs360430
Lower Lip130190
Upper lip130160

What is the price list of waxing services in Hey Sugar Waxing Salon?

Here's the Hey Sugar Waxing salon price based on their website.

Hey Sugar Waxing Salon
ServicesCold WaxHot Wax
Underarm - Pepermint pit-ty220320
Half Arm - Brazo de Mercedes280395
Full Arm -360495
Haf Leg - Leg velvet410485
Full Leg - pie a-leg mode595695
Upper/Lower Lip - lippie lemon tart210230
Chest - Choco chest-nut strip390490
Back - Back forest390560
Full Body20102860
Bikini - Bikini Split360540
Brazillian - Dulce de Brazillian590860
Eyebrow Shaping - 160

What is the price list of waxing services in Barenaked Waxing Salon?

Barenaked Waxing Salon
ServicesWomen's PriceMen's Price
Eyebrow Shaping180180
Half Legs500600
Full Legs650750
Full Body22002900

What is the price list of waxing services in Pink Parlour Waxing Salon?

Pink Parlour Waxing Salon
Brazilian Waxing1,130Brow Wax Female330
Butt Wax450Full Arms Wax Female680
Chest Waxing Men450Full Body Wax Female2,999
Full Back Waxing Male1,130Full Face Wax Female1230
Full Body Wax Male3,799Full Leg Wax Female1030
Full Chest Wax700Underarms Wax Female300
Full Face Wax Male1330Half Leg Wax Female730
Half Arm Wax480Full Back Waxing Female1,100
Half Chest Wax450
Lower Chin Men430
Lower Stomach Wax400
Boyfriends Brazilian Waxing1530
Bikini Waxing730
Bikini Wax Male830
Lip Waxing or Threading230
Full Leg Waxing Men1,130
Tummy Waxing400
Under Arm Waxing Men480
Upper Lip Men280
Men Beard Waxing630
Brow Wax Male430

What is the price list of waxing services in Belle La Peau Waxing Salon?

Belle La Peau Waxing Salon
ServicesWomens PriceMens Price
Face (Cheeks)399699
Whole Face699799
Brazillian w/ Soothing Mask1049N/A
Half Legs499599
Full Legs8991299
Full Body *Except Brazilian37994399

In summary:

Waxing Salons are the safest way to remove your unwanted hair. They are experts in the industry when it comes to hair removal. So it is much better if you avail the hair removal service and ditch your tweezer session. 

Most waxing salon now offers male waxing services unlike before, that the majority of salons catered to women only. If you are not a resident of Metro Manila you don't need to worry because there are plenty of waxing salons in the Philippines.

When looking for the best waxing salon in the Philippines don't look for the price only, do due diligence in researching online and reading client feedback of the waxing salon you choose to satisfy your waxing salon needs. 

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