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Typically most electronic Device like Laptops or Computers has a service life of 10 years. This means you can use your device with minimal problems within the span of 10 years. If you're lucky it may become usable for a few more years based on their service life.

Buying a secondhand computer is a choice for people with a limited budget. Is it practical to buy a second-hand computer? In this article, we will dissect each pros and cons and give you some tips on how to buy a second-hand computer.

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When buying a second-hand computer you should be aware that it will never be in perfect condition compared to brand new. You might encounter dents and scratches in its casings you will see faded letters on keyboards, faded colors and all other things faded you can think of. You can see dirt and dust in corners so it is pretty normal in old computers. 

If you are tech-savvy or a computer geek with a background in repairing and troubleshooting computers. Buying a secondhand computer is a good thing for you. But for those who are not its a headache in a long run. 

That's why it is important to know how to choose a good quality second-hand desktop. 


 What are the Pros or Advantages of Buying a Secondhand Computer?

One of the number one advantages of buying a second-hand computer is of course the price.  The second-hand desktop is much cheaper than the brand new because electronic equipment has depreciation in value due to degrading performance and parts that age and the short span of new technology coming out.

Another advantage of buying a second-hand desktop is that if it is a personal computer chances are it is a customized PC. When you say customized it has components that are typically not on the basic PC you can buy in the store.


What is the Disadvantage of Buying a Secondhand Computer?

Let's set your expectation vs reality into place.  Don't expect a smooth user experience when buying a second-hand computer.  There are tendencies that you might have problems in the first few months of using your machine. Expect that some problems will appear when using it.  If you are non-tech-savvy you might get stress along the way.  There are many parts that might break down along the way. 

Typically when you purchase a secondhand desktop from a computer store in the Philippines it comes with 3 months service warranty and  7 days of unit replacement. So what does this number means? To put that in simple terms if there is a problem in the unit that you purchase within 7 days and it is not working properly, you can opt to replace the entire unit if it is within the 7 days period. But if the 7 days have already passed and the unit gets a problem and needs a repair, you can get a free repair service within 3 months. But keep in mind that whatever parts are needed to replace you will pay for it separately. When the 3 months after your purchase the computer, if anything problems happens to the desktop you need to pay for the repair service.  

Where to Buy Secondhand Computer?

Here in the Philippines especially in Metro Manila, the only place that I can recommend to buy secondhand computers is Gilmore in San Juan, Greenhills. There are several computer shops you can choose to purchase from. If you plan to go there you can ride the LRT 2 and get off at Gilmore Station. You will be approached by salespeople who ask if you need a repair.   

pc gilmore

Or you might find a computer store that sells used computers in your area. Make sure it is reputable and has good customer service. It will definitely save you from headaches if problems arise.

Another place to buy a second-hand desktop is the online marketplace. There are people that sell their desktops due to some reasons like they need to upgrade to a much better desktop, or they are selling it because they are already spare PC. When buying on a person online, make sure to have a receipt of the desktop you are buying, and don't hesitate to ask about the history of the desktop you are buying. Doing this will help you to understand what is the condition of the desktop.

What thing to check when buying a Secondhand Computer?

When buying a secondhand computer there are simple ways you can ensure that what you buy is still usable.  

old mac

  • If you purchase the Desktop from an individual please check the receipt, because it contains information with regards to how old the computer is.
  • Another thing to check is the physical look of the Computer, check for scratches, dents, and fading of colors. Check the monitor if it has discoloration, dead pixels, or cracks in the LCD this will also help you to get a discount if there are certain issues with what you are buying.
  • For Computer Monitors always check for dead pixels before buying the monitor. There is software used to check this.
  • Always ask for the history of the computer, how often they are used by the owner, and what application they are using. This will give you an idea if the computer is overused or not. An overused computer is always generating heat because it pushed its hardware to always work harder and the tendency will be the shorter lifespan of your computer.
  • When buying a second-hand computer ask how long the warranty of the desktop is. A warranty is a guarantee for the specified period of time that you can return the PC to the seller in the event that there is a problem during the warranty period. Second-hand desktop usually has a shorter warranty period compared to brand new. 

Additional Tips on Buying Secondhand Computer

When buying a second-hand computer make sure to check the manufacturer's date.  This will give you an idea of how long the computer is in use.  

dell optiplex

Another thing to consider when buying a secondhand computer is its physical appearance.  Look for dents and cracks in the computer casing this is very critical if you are buying a secondhand desktop. 

Check all the fans if spinning properly, because it helps to maintain the temperature of your desktop.  Fans that not spinning will cause your desktop to overheat and shut down momentarily and eventually damage your PC.

What to look for in the Monitor?

When buying a Secondhand Desktop always check the monitor if they have problems like the following:

1.  Dead Pixels

Check if there are dead pixels in the monitor because it can affect the appearance of what you are doing on the screen. 

2. Screen Discoloration

Another thing to check is discoloration of the screen some monitors especially those that are pretty old tend to have discoloration on the screen it can be pinkish, greenish, or white.

In summary:

It is better to buy a brand new especially if you have a budget to buy one. But if you're budget is limited there is no problem buying a secondhand desktop. Just make sure to diligently inspect the desktop you will buy. If you have a friend that is tech-savvy and have knowledge of computer hardware please ask for assistance when buying this will be a great help to avoid buying a defective desktop. As a rule of thumb always get a 3-year-old desktop computer to buy because it has at least more than half of its service life. 


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