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Work from home becomes more prevalent nowadays, especially when the COVID19 pandemic ravages places all over the world. The cities and businesses are forced to close and stop their operation, as a result, people lose their jobs.  One of the many online jobs you can do is Online tutoring it is a long-proven way to earn money online.

How does online tutoring work? 

In some tutoring platforms, the student posts their online question, and your task as a tutor is to answer those questions, if the explanation you provided is marked as right or helpful by the student then you will earn in return. 

If you are a stay-at-home mom this type of work-from-home job is perfect for you.  A flexible type of earning opportunity that let you work even during your free time.

Before you begin registration on any of the following online tutoring platforms make sure to have at least Paypal Account, Gcash Account, or Online Banking as this will be the way to get paid for the work you done.

online tutoring

Here at Shoppiverse PH, we collated some of the best tutoring platforms that can help people who are looking for online jobs.



This online tutoring platform is one of the highly recommended tutoring platforms in the Philippines. Most of the students come from the United States, therefore, the teaching method requires to be in the English language. 

If you are planning to apply as a tutor. You must be at least a college graduate to get a higher chance of application approval. The application requires filling up the registration form and then attaching a Transcript of Record, Diploma, or Certificates that can prove your eligibility or expertise.  

In some instances when you choose your subject of expertise there is a qualifying test to get approved for the chosen subject of expertise.

Once you are approved on the platform you will get an email confirmation that you can begin as a tutor on the platform. Be careful with answering questions because if the answer you provided was plagiarized or copied from another website there is a strong possibility that your tutor account will be revoked or banned.

Payment per question starts at $2 USD up to  $13 USD and it increased depending on the complexity or difficulty of the question. 

Explanation or Answer you provide that is marked as Helpful or No Rating by the student will be paid.  While the Unhelpful marks will not be paid and will affect your tutor rating.  

You will get your payment to the question after 15 days and will be credited to your earning balance once you accumulated the minimum withdrawal of $20 USD you can cash out or send them directly to your Paypal Account. Coursehero is indeed one of the best platform to earn money.

To register as a tutor in Coursehero you can signup to this link.

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This online tutoring platform is based in Australia. The application on this platform is also via their online form. Someone will email you on the next step which typically involves 2 qualifying tests.

When you are approved as a tutor you will have access to questions of students the subject are all displayed in the dashboard and you will have access to all the questions in different subjects. But make sure to answer the question that you have high confidence that you be able to solve.

The mode of payment is via online bank so before you apply to this platform make sure to have at least a bank because it's the way for you to get paid.

To apply as a tutor you can follow this link and click the apply as tutor button.



This online tutoring platform is fast rising and based in the United States. The hiring process involves filing up the signup form as a tutor which you can find here. The second part to be qualified is someone will contact you and conduct a zoom meeting a short interview is needed in order to get your account activated.

Most of the students on the platform are coming from Asia, particularly China. This platform also caters to live one on one tutoring. So the student is able to request if they need a face to face tutoring with regards to the subject.

The difference between this online tutoring platform against the previous two platforms is that you need to bid for a question and the student will choose you before you can answer the question.

The mode of payment when you earn on this platform is via Paypal. So you should have a Paypal Account or Stripe account in order to withdraw your earnings.



This tutoring platform is another question and answer type of tutoring job just perfect for people who are looking for extra income in their free time. 

Once your application is approved, you will be able to browse live questions on the site. You need to bid on questions you're interested in, by providing explanations and help by suggesting a price and delivery time. If the student chooses to work with you, they will pay an advance payment of your requested price which will be held by Studypool while the question remains open.

During your session with the student, your job is to give the best explanations and help the student solve their question within the time limit you agreed upon. Once a final answer has been submitted and the student has approved the answer, your payment will be released to you.

Aside from tutoring, you can also sell old school notes, and documents to earn more on this platform. According to them every time a student views your documents you will earn $10.

You can apply at Studypool by going to this link.

In summary:

The above tutoring platform is tested and it pays real cash while you are at home or anywhere as long as you have an internet connection. Earning from home by tutoring students is a good way to earn money thru online in your free time. Although some tutoring platforms cannot substitute for your full-time job, earning in the comfort of your own home is a much better way to pass your time and have an extra income.

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