The Basic Must-have items for First Time Hiker


Hiking is one of the easiest outdoor adventures you can do during the weekend even if you are not athletic. You and your friends that can do walking can also do hiking activities. All you need to have is an expert guide who is familiar with the terrain and attend the basic orientation seminar with regards to the trail you are planning to hike.

For example, hiking on Mount Pulag which is the second-highest mountain in the Philippines requires you to attend an ecological seminar and hiking briefing before proceeding to the main hike.

A day before your hike, you need a little bit to stretch your muscles to avoid sore muscles.

In the Philippines, there are many hiking sites that can be participated with you and your friends. There are also hike guides that can accompany you to the trail. If you are looking for a tour package that caters to this type of outdoor activity you can visit this page.


mountain view

What is the difference between hiking and mountaineering?

Hiking and mountaineering are two different outdoor activities. But both of them involve walking. Mountaineering requires technical know-how on how to climb and traverse difficult terrain. While hiking is for beginners who want to simply enjoy the magnificent beauty of nature by walking simple trails. 

What are the benefits of hiking?

Since hiking involves a lot of walking it improves your cardiovascular system. Promotes a healthy heart because long-distance walking and the uneven terrain make an extra challenge.

What must-have items a hiker should bring before going on your first hike?

1. Hiking Backpack

A hiking backpack must be comfortable to wear because of a long walk. It must have good support for heavy loads to avoid strain on your back and shoulder. Another good feature of a hiking backpack is it must be waterproof in order to prevent your things from getting wet.


2. Hiking Clothes

When hiking you will face unpredictable weather it may rain or too much heat. That is why it's important to have clothes that can protect you from this natural occurrence.
A pair of good hiking shoes must be also used because it can help you get comfortable with the long arduous walk. Of course, you should pair this with a comfortable sock thick enough to make a good cushion for your feet.

Hiking Clothes

3. Food and Water are Life

If you are walking the whole day it is important to have at least a food pack. Replenishing your energy is important because some trails don't have vehicles that you can ride in case you are dead tired to walk.
In packing food make sure that it is not easily spoiled, a fried food, adobo, or canned food is one of the best food to pack during hiking.

A Quick Energy Snack like chocolate bars, biscuits, and candy are also a great option for the food because you can eat them while walking. But avoid throwing the food wrapper along the way that is a very bad idea. 

A water Flask filled with water is important to quench your thirst especially if you hiking during the hot season. As you perspire during walking it is important to replenish it with water. Here's a bonus tip for drinking water during hiking. Avoid drinking a lot of water because it will be more difficult for you to walk as water add weight to yourself.

Food and Water are Life

4. Handy Tools

Participating in outdoor adventures exposes you to the element of surprise. There are unpredictable things that you will experience and the only thing that can help you is a tool that you bring during your adventure. 

Bringing a Multi-tool can save you from the difficulty of opening a can, cutting a rope, or slicing hard food.

A Map or Compass will help you navigate into the wild so it is also important to bring. Getting lost in the wild is a bad idea.

Handy Tools

5. Other Essentials you must bring during Hiking

  • Headlight or Flashlight sometimes hiking begins early in the morning when the trail is dark it is important to bring a piece of lighting equipment to light up your path.
  • There are instances when you will soak yourself in the rain, perspiration, and an extra clothes 
  • A small towel is perfect for drying yourself during and after your hiking.
  • During an emergency, it is important to have a few bills or cash in your pocket.   
  • Protect yourself from sunburn and direct heat of the sun by bringing at least a sachet of sunscreen. 
  • To avoid insect bites you must put an insect repellant.


In summary:

Hiking is beneficial to health because it is a form of cardiovascular exercise. It can be more enjoyable if you are in a group because you can talk while walking and enjoy beautiful sceneries that can help relieve stress caused by work.  


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