What Items Can you Place Inside Your Personal Refrigerator?

A personal refrigerator is a great way to save energy and money instead of buying a bigger refrigerator. This mini refrigerator is perfect for small apartments and condos. It is perfect for small spaces because of its small form factor.

Having a personal refrigerator is almost the same as having a big refrigerator. But with some differences in functionality full-size refrigerators have both a freezer for storage of frozen items and a fridge compartment that is designed for cooling only, so they're more powerful cooling devices than mini-fridges. While mini-fridges function at higher temperatures, so they can’t keep icy foods iced like refrigerators.

Here at Shoppiverse PH, we collated things and items that you can place inside your personal refrigerator.


In the Philippines, in every household water is one of the most popular things that you see inside the refrigerator of many Filipinos. Because the Philippines is tropical and people are constantly being thirsty water is one of the most important to put inside the refrigerator.

bottled mineral water

Fruit Juice and Milk

If you have enough budget for fruit juice such as orange juice. This is a perfect alternative to soda especially if you are looking forward to getting fit and staying healthy. A glass of juice is best for breakfast or as a snack. 

Milk can also be stored in a mini-fridge. Because it can preserve milk for a longer time. But it is important to put the milk in a container that is airtight to avoid spoilage. 

fruit juice

Canned Beverage

Soda in cans can be placed also in a personal refrigerator.  A cold soda is perfect for parties and other gatherings. Canned beverage can also be a good alternative to bottled because it is smaller making it easier to store more drinks in your personal refrigerator.

canned soda

Fruits and Vegetables 

Fruits and vegetables can also be stored in a personal fridge. Storing them in a fridge will help you to keep your food fresh and healthy. But keep in mind that storing fruit and vegetable for a very long time can cause them to dry up and turn brown.

fruits and vegetables

Cheese and Chocolates

Cheese and Chocolate are perfect for a quick snack late at night or in times when you are in a hurry. Having a bar of chocolate inside your refrigerator is a great way to have a snack. 

A block of cheese can also be placed in a refrigerator but see to it that it is placed in an airtight container after opening to avoid contamination from other items inside your mini ref.

chocolate bar


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