How to Report Gcash Scammer?

With the increase in popularity of mobile wallets or electronic wallets. Many people also fall victim to cyber-criminals who target e-wallets due to monetary gains. Hacking incidents become more rampant, especially during the COVID19 pandemic. We can see daily news of GCash scam complaints on television. GCash is a widely used and most popular e-wallet in the Philippines which is why it is the most targeted by scammers. 

Globe Telecom network helps its users combat this scam by launching a method on how to report or block the scammer's account.

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How GCash scamming work?

Typically the attacker or the scammer sends an SMS message with a corresponding link containing a message that you need to change your MPIN or else your account will be deleted or deactivated. This creates panic on the user side. The victim will be alarmed without thinking if the sent message was from a legitimate sender or not this scam method is also known as Smishing.

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Another common tactic is sending an SMS that tells you that you win a big amount of money in a raffle draw without even joining any of it. You just need to log in to your GCash account to claim it and then the link will be redirected to a bogus website of GCash that looks like a legitimate one.

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And the last modus operandi by these cybercriminals is in form of an investment scam. They will promise to double your money in a short period of time when you invest in their monkey business. At first, you will receive your "income" but the truth is it's your investment money so you will be enticed to invest more. These tactics are for them to gain your trust and to give more money to them. And later on, you will realize that they have stolen a huge amount of money from you. 

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The GCash always remind its user that they will never ask for the MPIN because why they will do that? By logic, they own the GCash system and what they need to do is ask your number search them in the system and presto they already know your MPIN. If someone or somebody asks your MPIN then absolutely it is a scammer.

Scamming is done also over the phone they will call you, make stories that will make you worried or excited and when your emotion gets high you will voluntarily give your MPIN and other personal details.  

If you fall victim to any of these three scenarios there is a strong possibility that the next move by scammers is to transfer the money from your wallet to their GCash wallet. And then the horrible realization that your hard-earned money was already stolen from you. 


Some people do not speak right away about scam incidents because they are ashamed of being judged by people and ask questions about how easily they fall and become victimized by these scammers.

How to trace GCash User Scammer?

The simple answer is NO, you cannot trace the GCash scammer and its location because there is a strong possibility that the GCash scammer uses a bogus identity, and the only way to penalize the scammer is to report it. 

How to get back money from the GCash scammer?

According to the GCash help center if you think that there are unauthorized transactions in your account. Just call their GCash Support number 2882. Their customer service agent will instruct you on what to do. Please take note that you must also report the incident within 15 days it happens. Beyond that period GCash might refuse your claim. 

 How to report a GCash scammer?

According to the GCash website, you need to fill up the Complaint-Affidavit form that can be downloaded here. The Gcash user complaint form contains the formal complaint of the victim and the perpetrator including the Name and the mobile number used in GCash. The form must be notarized by Attorney before submitting it to this link. You must submit a notarized copy of the complaint within 48 hours or else it will be invalid.

The complaint must be detailed as much as possible and must include the following information:
  • Method of Transaction
  • Name of the person or name of the website you're going to complain
  • Proof of Transaction (a separate document) 
  • Time of Transaction 
  • Amount involved 
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In summary:

Don't fall victim to these scammers always stay vigilant on the SMS you received. If the SMS comes from a regular 11 digit number 100%  chance that it is a scam. So avoid clicking links or replying to the sender. Don't call them either because you don't get any prize doing that.

Another piece of advice avoid being greedy, do not attempt to claim any prize even if you know in yourself that you don't join in any raffle. Chances these scammers will hit the jackpot when they got access to your mobile wallet. 

In joining any investment think several times is it too good to be true? There is no investment company that can double or triple your money in a short period of time. Avoid being desperate to get more money only to fall victim to these cybercriminals and scammers. 

Let us protect our hard-earned money and don't be a victim.


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