A Guide for First Time Solo Living in Metro Manila

In this article we will help you overcome how can you transcend smoothly to solo living from living with your parents. To tell you frankly I'm not originally from Metro Manila, I grew up and study in the Province. I just went to Metro Manila to look for a job because of a lack of job opportunities in the Province.  

Even though I am already graduated from college when I separated from my parents solo living is quite scary for a first-timer like me. Separation anxiety is real and you started to feel uncomfortable. This is normal for people to experience the fear of the unknown. Because everything is new and these things you are not familiar with.  Commuting and going into other places in Metro Manila is quite difficult for beginners and as a newbie, you tend to ask questions when looking for directions.

Here at Shoppiverse PH, we collated some of the things you need to prepare before moving and living on your own.

Knowing the cost of living in Metro Manila is important because it will help you navigate properly in day-to-day life. According to statistics, the cost of living for a solo person should be at least a P28,800 a month budget and this does not include space rental. Actually living in Metro Manila is the third most expensive city to live in Southeast Asia.

Selecting a place to stay

There is plenty of advertisement in the Facebook marketplace that offers rental space you can rent. It is a much better idea to make due diligence when selecting the place you will stay.

for rent
This is the first thing on our list because this might be the biggest chunk in your budget. Considering the environment you'll stay in will determine how comfortable are you during nighttime and your rest day.  A comfortable space with an environment like our home is preferred.

There are several types of rental spaces you can get in Metro Manila. Below are some of the examples you can get. It is important to understand their basic definitions of them so that you can choose properly based on your budget and needs.

  • Bed Spacer - This type of space is the cheapest among the type of rental space. This has less privacy since you are occupying a room shared with another renter. You will be provided with your own cabinet for your personal things but it might be risky if you have a roommate with bad intent.

  • Room - This kind of space offers more privacy than the bed spacer. In this setup, you are renting a room inside a house. And typically the other rooms are rented by other people. The amenities like comfort room or bathroom, kitchen, and laundry area will be shared with other renters in the house. 

  • Studio Type - This rented space is typically all in one space the bathroom and kitchen are already incorporated into your area.  If you want to cook your own food and have your own personal privacy without breaking too much of your budget this type of rental space is the best for you.

  • House - When you see a house for rent the entire house including its amenities. If it has a car park and swimming pool that is included in the rental space. For example, if you have a car this is a perfect space for you and your family.

What are the things to consider in choosing a place in Metro Manila? 

Safety - For ladies and for the first-timer, it is important to consider the safety of the place you will rent. As much as possible if you can live inside a subdivision with a security guard the better. A place with CCTV is also nice to have and this is pretty common in apartment, dorm, and condo units.

Accessibility - Consider places that are easy to have good access to transportation. You should also consider the traffic situation in the area during rush hour.

People - Having nice and friendly people around the neighborhood will make your stay in a place better. They can help you figure things out while solo living.

Basic Amenities - The cooking area, comfort room, bathroom, and laundry area are some of the most basic amenities to look for.   

If you know the place you will stay or rent the next thing to consider is to prepare what things to bring.

Basic Things to Bring

moving out

Bringing appliances into your rented space will depend on what type of your rented place is.  If it`s a studio type,  a whole house, or a room. Each type of rental space has its own house rule so you must know it first before buying or bringing any appliance. 

If the place you are renting doesn't have basic things like an electric fan, rice cooker or washing machine ask your landlord first if they will allow you to bring those things. This is a courtesy to your landlord and this will definitely save you from trouble.

There are also rented space that is fully furnished. When you say fully furnished there are already have some appliances and furniture, you can typically see this in a condo unit that is for rent.

What and Where to Eat?

Food is an essential thing to consider when living on your own. You cannot live and sustain eating junk foods and easy-to-prepare foods like instant noodles and pancit canton this will lead you to urinary tract infection and worst kidney stones.

A better way to save your budget on food is by having at least a rice cooker in your arsenal. It can cook everything from rice to soup, to noodles and even those nerds claim that you can fry on them. Disclaimer I did not try that personally so I will not recommend frying on your rice cooker. 

rice cooker

Additional tips, If you are a bed spacer avoid at all costs cooking smelly food inside your room. Trust me you will get a grumpy roommate after this.

If you have a hectic schedule and you don't want to cook your own food or there is no way to cook your food in your place. Don't worry there are cariderias nearby everywhere in metro manila. They cook and serve lutong bahay so you will never miss your home. My tip on looking for a good place to eat is to look for a place has a never-ending flow of people chances are that the food they serve is good. Carideria in nearby schools offers budget meals for students so you can save on that.


If you don't want to eat in carinderia you can opt-in different chains of convenience stores like 7 Eleven and Ministop they have rice meals that you can buy and they are everywhere. But again this is not sustainable in the long run. Aside from its pricey and it's not good for your budget for first-time solo living. And for the reason that, you can eat everything on their menu before the year ends. 

Handling Basic Utility Bills 

Electricity, Water, and  Internet bills can be different for each rental place. Some are shared with other renters. This is typical for a room for rent and bed spacer. For rental spaces like studio type, houses, and condo units utility bills are shouldered by yourself based on your consumption don't worry you have your own water and electricity meter to check your consumption.  

meralco bill

In summary:

There are benefits of living solo such as you will become more independent, learn how to take care of yourself, and managing your own finance. It's hard at first but it will definitely pay off because you will learn a lot and experience a lot of things in solo living. 

When living alone and it's your first time moving out of your parent's house. Always trust your instinct and don't forget to ask for help if you need to. Don't be shy about asking for questions and directions this will help you get going along the way.  Here at Shoppiverse PH, we wish you Good luck with your solo living journey!

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